Something is weird here…

Yes it’s true….

Something IS VERY WEIRD on this site.

Here is why.   At the original hosting site for this blog (you can get a hint of the host from this sentence…) they really did a lousy job of keeping out the malware.  Yes, seems like everything was extra for this, extra for that.  Well, even with that, they did a lousy job and the site was trashed.

Fortunately, when I moved this site to WPEngine, the guys (yes, “guys” used in a non-gender manner) were able to recover almost all of my previous posts.  Over 150 different posts.  I can’t thank them enough.

In this current site, I have been able to keep those posts alive. But they look very different because I have had to change the theme of this site, and all of the images were lost.  Bummer.  But a small bummer compared to the major bummer it would have been if I had lost everything.  So all in all, I am pretty happy.

It’s been a while since I was actively writing on this site, so if you see some large gaps in time, you will understand why.  I hopefully will be writing more in the future…and I plan on going through the site and cleaning up all of the flotsam and jetsam left over…including missing images, bad links, etc.

I will also be sharing with you many of the new projects that I am working on …. Stay tuned in!


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