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March 29, 2017

Why Pithy?

In the past, the posts on were longer.  That was all intentional for SEO purposes.  But I think that it may not have served the readership well.  It’s becoming increasingly difficult to free up even a little bit of time to do anything, let alone read a blog post.

So here is the “new” norm for this updates and rejuvenated website.

We will try to always “right-size” our posts.  If the topic determines that the post needs to be long…then it will be.  However, if we can get across the message in a short and to-the-point manner, then that’s what we will do.

Damn the SEO.

Not that we will forget about SEO…yes it’s important, but we won’t make things longer than they need to be just for that purpose.

Do you like that?

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