Buy Time: How to buy time for under $15 / hour.

October 20, 2013
Buy TIme

Buy TImeHuh? Buy time?

Did we find out a secret time worm-hole where we can actually buy time?

Well, not entirely.

We cannot create more time in your day.  As long as we have known and for the foreseeable future, there will only be 24 hours in  a day, despite the need for most entrepreneurs to have more than that.

So how can you buy time?

It’s all about leveraging your time and getting things done that you don’t need to do.  It’s not just about delegation, but getting more done for less money. In essence you buy time.

There are LOTS of things that you do that consume your time but really don’t need your expertise and consume your time.  I know.  I am the same way.  Many things that I do are items that I can have someone else do for me…at a whole lower pay scale.  And let me tell you…it’s not an easy thing to do. But NECESSARY, if you want to increase your productivity.  The possibilities of what you can offload and delegate are endless as well as who and how to do it.

What can you offload?

First, let’s look at WHAT you can stop doing…just as a starting point.  Filing.  Copying, Basic Internet Research, Proofreading, Formatting, Running your backups, Updating programs, picking up your dry-cleaning, washing the car, etc.  I hope you are starting to get an idea.

Buy time from employees.

Now HOW to do it.  Already have employees?  DELEGATE to them.  Take items that can safely be delegated to those below you and then delegate.  Are they busy?  Perhaps you have THEM delegate to those employees below them.  And on and on.  Before you know it, if you have offloaded several hours of work per day, and the time savings trickle down to a casual or part time person, you have essentially “purchased” that time – buy time – for yourself as the cost of the casual/part time person.

Buy time from kids.

Don’t have employees? How about your kids?  There are things that I used to have my children do when they were young (now they are both grown with their own businesses).  For example…a young teen can photocopy and assemble documents, as long as you show them how.  They can shred for you.  They can do filing for you.  They can do a LOT more that you realize.  A side benefit to this?  Your kids learn about what you are doing.  They are learning the ability to contribute and work cooperatively.  You can pay them a modest amount.  Have them file a tax return and start contributing to a retirement account.  (My kids did this at an early age…and their IRAs that they started in their early teens have grown for nearly 15 years already!)

Buy time from outsources

Don’t have kids or employees?  There is still a way of doing this.  For items that can be done remotely, such as research, proofreading, design, editing, etc. learn to use services such as, or even, where you can post jobs that are seen by thousands of people around the world that can do a GREAT job for you for a very modest fee.  I have used it a lot, but still know that I should use it more to help me boost my productivity.

So start looking at everything that you do.  Ask if it can be done by someone else ….better and cheaper.  And start to buy back some of your life.  Hour by hour. Buy time!

You won’t regret it.


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