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EntrepreneurialPractice is dedicated to helping Entrepreneurial Professionals work together to be successful.

All too often, professionals from all different businesses find that they feel trapped.  Perhaps it’s due to burn-out in mid or later career.  Perhaps you have entered a new career and found that it’s not all you thought it was going to be.  And let’s not forget…perhaps circumstances in your business have changed dramatically, rendering you lost or floundering in your current career.

If any of this sounds like you, you need to start to look at career options. To become entrepreneurial.  To diversify.  To take control of your life, perhaps for the first time, or perhaps taking it back from the situation which hijacked it from you.

So WHO are the professionals we are talking about?

Entrepreneurial Professionals of ALL backgrounds…

Yes, the information on this site can be used in any career.   Most of the concepts, ideas and suggestions provided in this site are applicable to anyone looking to gain and expand their entrepreneurial skills and talents.  It might be to diversify your career or business ….or even to help you strike out into an entirely new area.

My background has been predominantly in health care…and that is a primary focus of this site.  But in my career, the skills and talents that I have been able to develop reach across many different disciplines and are applicable to most industries. Throughout all of my years in business, I have had the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life and in dozens and dozens of different industries.  And you know what?  We all have the same challenges.  We can all learn from each other.  We all should help each other.

I encourage all visitors to contribute to this site, either by comments, poll participation or even guest blogging and bring their special experience from all walks of life and share it with all of us.

Healthcare Professionals…budding Entrepreneurs

are finding it more and more difficult to become financially successful while limiting their careers to traditional healthcare opportunities.  The changes impacting medical practices and all medical / healthcare careers are resulting in lower incomes, decreased job security, decreased independence and overall reduction in job satisfaction.  At EntrepreneurialPractice.com we provide information, resources and ideas that can help Physicians (MD, DO, DMD, DPM, DC and other), Nurses, Physician Assistants, Laboratory Technologists, Physical Therapists, Xray Technologists and the hundreds of other healthcare professionals learn entrepreneurial skills and mindset that can help them broaden their horizons.  It may be diversification of their careers or their practices within medicine. It may be diversification outside of medicine.  It may be complete transition into other non-medical careers or businesses. It’s all about YOUR success.  It’s helping you “take off your blinders” and see that there is a whole wide array of options that are available to you.  You shouldn’t limit yourself needlessly.

You have dedicated yourself to providing excellence in medical services to the community.  Don’t forget to dedicate your efforts to ensuring YOUR well being and financial security.  You can’t help others if you are struggling financially in your own life. Learn more about becoming …or being a better entrepreneur through EntrepreneurialPractice.com

We all learn more from other industries than our own…

Your participation is appreciated and encouraged. From ALL industries. From ALL career backgrounds.  Share the unique aspects of your business, as well as what you have learned about the more common business activities that we all have to do.  We can all learn from your unique experience.

It’s all about expanding our horizons.  About sharing experience.  About learning from each other.  About thinking in ways that we never have before.

My goal for this site will have been achieved if you read an article or participate in a discussion on this site and leave the discussion thinking differently, thinking better and being more diversified than when you first came!

Thanks for Visiting.  I hope you become a regular member of EntrepreneurialPractice.com.  Sign up here.

Stephen G. Ruby


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