5 Steps to Gaining Trust With Anyone

August 13, 2015

I recently ran across this short article about gaining trust with people, even those you have just met.

5 Body Language Basics That Make You Appear 100% More Trustworthy to Strangers
By Rhett Power of Inc, and published on TheMuse.com

Now, none of these techniques is earth shattering, but I think that they are all simple enough and worthy of being on your “mind checklist” when you are looking to create instant rapport with individuals.

It’s interesting to note that the first for of these five suggestions are all about what WE do with our bodies to help project non-threatening body language.  Easy to do, and something you can implement immediately.  The last, “mirroring” can be highly effective, yet takes some understanding and practice to implement in a natural (non-artificial) manner so that it doesn’t look obvious to the other party.

I hope you enjoy the article.



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