5 Reasons To Make Podcast INTERVIEWS part of your Inbound Strategy

Make Podcasting part of your Marketing Strategy

This is a wonderful article on the benefits of podcasting.  And it’s a great concept that Thomas Schwab points out that YOU don’t need to be the host of the podcast.  Being a guest is as…or perhaps MORE…powerful as being the host.  And it’s a whole lot easier.

Read the whole article here:  5 Reasons To Make Podcast INTERVIEWS part of your Inbound Strategy (Linkedin) by Thomas Schwab

I like the EIGHT major points that Tom makes in this short, but powerful article. (He might not be able to count to 8, but his points are great take-aways.

1. It the easiest content you will ever produce

2. It’s the easiest content to repurpose

3. Podcast are growing

4. The audience is VERY focused

5. Getting on a podcast is free

6. Podcasts aren’t over saturated yet

7. The traffic is FAST

8. Traffic converts 25x better than blogs

Learn more by visiting the original article by Tom.

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